Wake County Sponsors

Building an organization for the common good of Wake County

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Wake County Sponsors has been formed with the goal of working with the Industrial Areas Foundation to assemble a locally controlled, broad-based, non-partisan organization capable of taking effective public action to resolve the top pressures facing families and communities across Wake County.

  • Upcoming events

    Countywide Clergy Meeting

    When: Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 11:00 AM
    Where: Neighbor to Neighbor in Raleigh , NC

    Please join us for a special meeting of clergy from across Wake County. The goal of this meeting is to discuss the proposed 2020 Wake County Sponsors budget and membership dues standard. We will shape and ratify a plan for local ownership, financial sustainability, and political independence from outside money and interests. 

    Please confirm your attendance so that we can send you materials in advance of this crucial meeting. 

    Who's attending
    Wolfgang Herz-Lane Efren Maldonado Annie Tinsley Latonya Wilkes Wesley Spears-Newsome Jose Villasenor Villasenor Chris Furr Mikael Broadway Javier Almendarez-Bautista Linda Velto Rose Cornelious Jason Butler John Fleming Sarah Phelps

    Internal Assembly

    When: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 07:30 PM
    Where: State Street Community Church in Raleigh, NC

    Teams of leaders from each Wake County institution will review the top concerns raised during our listening session campaign, and will vote on our first grassroots agenda to address these concerns. Each institution is strongly encouraged to bring a large team capable of representing the interests of their community for this crucial meeting.  

    Who's attending
    Rhonda Moody Suzanne Miller MaryJane Selgrade Frances Perkins Lois Sauer Kaji Reyes Tom Zimmerman Laura Carathanasis Sarah Phelps Msgr. Douglas Reed Linda Lytvinenko Randy Smith Dona Gartrell William Gautier Ellen Ferrone Kari Martin Hollinger Annie Tinsley Karin Shank Sandra Bueno Suzanne Botts Chris Brady Greg Bennett Tim Lee Howard Manning Allan Thunes Stan North Martin Craig Herb Ariel Edery Joseph Briggs Ken Marsh Ernestine Ledbetter John Fleming Javier Almendarez-Bautista Mycal Brickhouse Rosemary Hallberg Rose Cornelious Jessie Maeck Jim Luke Beth Smith David H  ADVANCED Bland Georgia McEwan