Wake County Sponsors


About Us: Wake County Sponsors has been formed with the goal of working with the Industrial Areas Foundation to assemble a locally controlled, broad-based, non-partisan organization capable of taking effective public action to resolve the top pressures facing families and communities across Wake County.

  • Countywide Clergy Gathering

    Please join us for our regular meeting of clergy from across Wake County. The goal of this meeting is to strengthen relationships and fellowship among diverse area religious leaders, take part in short training, and help drive the Sponsoring Committee process in Wake County.

    Since our last meeting over 100 leaders attended the IAF University summer series to learn how to build core teams of leaders capable of engaging 4,000 members of our institutions and communities in the Wake County Sponsors Listening Session campaign. This campaign will lead to the creation of our first grassroots agenda for change at our Internal Assembly on October 29. 

    More details about the agenda will be available as the date draws closer. 

  • Countywide Leaders Meeting

    Leaders from institutions participating in Wake County Sponsors will report on their progress organizing listening sessions in their community. This will be an interesting opportunity for all leaders to get a sense of emerging issues and concerns from across the county. 

  • Internal Assembly

    Teams of leaders from each Wake County institution will review the top concerns raised during our listening session campaign, and will vote on our first grassroots agenda to address these concerns. Each institution is strongly encouraged to bring a large team capable of representing the interests of their community for this crucial meeting.